Editing Work

Special Offer

Editing work is hard to demonstrate in a portfolio. Why not request a one-page sample edit? Special Price: Just $5 for one page, 200-300 words. Offer applies to new clients only, first page.

Client List

  • NOLA Marketing
  • Copypress
  • SheKnows.com
  • Marietta and Beyond (web magazine)
  • Consortium Media Services

What's Your Style?

  • Associated Press Stylebook (AP) 
  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Your house stylebook

Unless otherwise requested, edits will be made using the AP Stylebook, current edition.

Need a House Style Guide?

Putting together a style guide for your company and its branding assures consistency in all communications, makes it easier for future writers and editors to do their work. 

I can create this guide, taking note of exceptions to standard stylebooks, language preferences, unusual spelling, etc.

Yes, They Will Notice...

Your customers and clients will notice your mistakes. 

It's better to let your copyeditor find them first!

I am not currently accepting editing assignments for book-length manuscripts, resumes, or academic papers.